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version 1.0, 2004-05-08

Doshometer provides stress relief for bored, yet highly paid, IT contractors. Sometimes the only thing that gets you through the day is thinking about the amount of money you've made while spending twelve hours in front of a computer screen, trying to fix some obscure bug in some shoddy code that you didn't even write in the first place. Doshometer is here to help! Simply enter your hourly rate, then sit back and watch as your 'dosh earned' total starts reaching for the stars.

As a bonus, Doshometer also allows you to define a list of different activities, so that you can switch between, say, 'Coding', 'Testing', 'Documentation' and so on with just one or two mouse clicks. Each activity can be paid or unpaid, so that your total dosh stops counting up during 'Lunch', for example. Each time you change activities, the relevant dates and times are written to a log - very handy when filling in your timesheet at the end of the week.

Screenshots: Here are some examples of what Doshometer looks like when running:

Customise: As well as the built-in digit images shown above, Doshometer will (when registered) let you use any other bitmap you like. Let your imagination go wild! Custom bitmaps let Doshometer cope with any currency, and let you have any colour scheme, background image, font or digit style you like - this bitmap would look like this:

Custom bitmaps can be of any size. Doshometer splits the bitmap along its width into eleven equally-sized blocks, and then divides the last block in half, to give ten full-width blocks for the digits 0 to 9, followed by two half-width blocks which should contain the currency symbol and the decimal point symbol. Within those constraints, the bitmap can contain literally any image you like. Please send us your favourites!

Download: doshometer.zip (55k)

To install Doshometer, first click the link above and save the doshometer.zip file somewhere on your PC (C:\ is fine). Then extract the single distribution file (doshomter.exe) into any convenient folder: for example, C:\Program Files. That's it! To start using Doshometer, double-click the doshometer.exe file from Windows Explorer. You might also like to add Doshometer to the Startup folder of your Start menu so that Doshometer automatically starts every time you turn on your computer.

Registration: Doshometer is distributed as shareware. This means that while you are welcome to test and evaluate the downloaded version of Doshometer for as long as you want, you should pay for it if you decide you like it. On paying, you become a registered user, and you also get a special code that fully unlocks Doshometer, allowing you to use your own customised image bitmaps.

Click the 'RegNow' logo below to register:
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This lets you enter your order online and receive your registration code immediately! Registration costs just US$10. Click here to find out approximately how much this will cost in your local currency, courtesy of Yahoo's financial pages.

Version History:
08-May-2004: Doshometer v1.0 - Doshometer now includes Euros and dollars, as well as sterling, as supported currencies. The registered version will also let you use any custom-designed bitmap for the digits, as well as the three built-in ones. See below for details.
07-Jul-2003: Doshometer v0.3 - Enhanced the 'Reset' function to allow resetting to any total, not just zero. Also fixed a couple of bugs...
14-Jan-2002: Doshometer v0.2 now has 'Always on top' so you can keep an eye on your dosh at all times!

Contact: Click here to send us a mail. All comments gratefully received. You can also fax us on 08700 549633 from the UK, or +44 8700 549633 from overseas.